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Psycho Killers will no doubt do for criminology what Classics Illustrated did for high school book reports. Biographical sketches of killers are less shallow than the average tabloid TV segments~only real-life carnage and mayhem qualifies for Psycho Killers! It has successfully carved out a niche for itself in the true-crime genre.

The stories are accurate and the artwork in the comic is decent. Psycho Killers Comics are still one of the hottest black & white comics published and have had nationwide media coverage and a very high visibility rate among non-comic readers.

Most comic book stores refuse to carry them. This of course makes these books extremely rare! Unless you had the chance to purchase them at one time before in the early 1990s.

Serial Killers, Mass Murderers, it’s all True Crime! These comics are an unauthorized biography of serial killers for mature readers! All uncirculated, out of print, in Mint Condition.

Published by Zone Productions.

Offered by Pages of the Past.